Importance of EFS for the Medtech Ecosystem

Clip 8

EFS in one of the most important regulatory developments in the last 20 years.


What Can Impede an EFS Timeline?

Clip 9

What can impede, why MDIC became involved.


Quantifying Issues that Impede an EFS

Clip 10

Measuring the performance and timelines of EFS Studies across the ecosystem.


What Still Needs to be Fixed

Clip 11

Based on EFS data across the ecosystem, what needs to be fixed?


What has MDIC Done to Streamline EFS?

Clip 12

What did MDIC put in place to address what needed to be fixed?


Impact of MDIC Tools on EFS

Clip 13

MDIC tools have already made an impact on EFS performance and timelines.


Where to find EFS Tools Offered by MDIC

Clip 14

Where you can access tools MDIC has developed to streamline EFS and shorten timelines.